How to use Text Shortcuts in Google Docs

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On many occasions, you pick similar choices of words while writing a report or application, etc. Text Shortcut feature in Google Docs lets the users create text shortcuts for sentences or words. You can think of this feature as a text prediction, instead, the words and sentences are saved by you. This option could save time and effort.

In this guide, you will learn how to use the Text Shortcut option In Google Docs.

Text Shortcuts in Google Docs

Here’s how you can save words or sentences using text shortcut feature in Google Docs:

  1. Launch the browser and head over to Google Docs. Open an already existing document or create a new one.
  2. From the menu bar click on “Tools” and select the “Preferences” option from the menu.preferences in tools
  3. Make sure the “Automatic Substitution” option is checked in “Preferences” before you enter anything.automatic substitution
  4. Under the Automatic Substitution option, you will find two boxes. One box with the “Replace” heading and another one with “With” heading. Type the text which you want to replace in the document in the “Replace” box and the word with which you want to replace the word in the “With” box.replace and with boxes

You can also use this feature to correct the mistakes in the Document.use automatic substitution as autocorrection

Anything in the “Replace” field should be one word or else the shortcut won’t work. If you will add more than one word with spaces, Google Docs will save it to the list but the Shortcut will not work. Whereas, you can add multiple words with spaces in the “With” field.

However, if you want to expel any word from the list of shortcuts by click on a small “x” given right beside the “With” field. You can also disable particular Shortcuts by unchecking the box given before the “Replace” field.disable or cancel shortcut

Click on “OK” when you’re done adding shortcuts to the on OK when done

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