How to Use Voice Tweet Feature on Twitter App

Recording and Sending a Voice Tweet on Twitter AppTwitter is one of the most popular social media apps used by many people across the globe including celebrities, political figures, and other renowned people. Twitter was a text-focused app where you can write something and tweet instantly or share pictures and videos.

With the new Twitter, the update comes the new feature that lets the user tweet in their own voice. Users can record what’s on their mind and press the “Tweet” button. Unfortunately, the new feature has not been made available to the Android users yet and is still under the process of rolling it out for the iPhone and iPad users.

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In this guide, we will show you how you can record and send voice tweets on the Twitter app.

Recording and Sending a Voice Tweet on Twitter App

Follow the guide to use learn how to use the new voice tweet feature on the Twitter app:

  1. Open the Twitter app on your iPhone or iPad either manually or by searching through the spotlight search feature and tapping on the result to launch the app.
  2. Log-in to your already existing Twitter account if it has not been already signed in.
  3. Tap on the “Compose Tweet” floating action button that looks like a feather pen with a + sign on it.compose a tweet to record voice tweet
  4. Write a caption if you want to but there are no hard and fast rules that you must write something before recording and sending a voice tweet. Then tap on the “soundwave” button on the left of the insert image button.tap on the wave icon to record the tweet
  5. Hit the big red record button with the mic on it to start the recording. Start speaking to record the voice tweet. You can press the button again to pause the recording and when you resume it, it will continue from where you paused.hit the recording button to record the voice tweet
  6. When you’re done recording the voice tweet, tap on the “Done” button on the top-right corner of the screen.tap on done once you are done recording the voice tweet
  7. When you are ready to share the tweet, tap on the “Tweet” button to send it.tweet the voice tweet

Your followers and other twitter users can now play the recording. It seems like Twitter has not put any time limit to how long your recordings can be. Therefore, you can speak your thoughts out loud for as long as you want but we’d suggest you keep it short as other users might get bored and unfollow you.

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