MAC provides Keychain for managing passwords, it is a built-in utility that makes you free from remembering the passwords. It records passwords for different applications such as Google Chrome and other apps. It remembers all the passwords for you and gives quick access to the passwords when needed. The Keychain also provides the ability to synchronize the passwords between iOS and Mac.

You can view and save passwords on both iOS and Mac. It is very easy to access all your passwords.

Viewing Passwords in Keychain

All it requires is Keychain enabled on your device. If you’ve enabled keychain on iOS but not on macOS, you can easily view passwords saved in Keychain on your desktop.


While working on Mac OS, use Spotlight and open the Keychain Access app. The Keychain access list provides extensive information about different items and also allows provides complete support for finding the items. You can find the specific application or website and check for the stored credentials.

Keychain on MAC OS

Double-clicking any entry opens up the app or website passwords. Now click on the ‘Show Password’ option and authenticate with the OS password to view the credentials.


The same functionality is also present in iOS.

  1. All you need is to go to Accounts and Passwords
  2. Tap the App and Website passwordsKeychain on iOS
  3. Authenticate with the Touch ID or the passcode
  4. You will be then able to get access to the saved passwordsView Passwords in Keychain on iOS

Keychain is a secure platform that does not allow any unauthorized access. Apple carefully manages all the passwords and give access to only authorized users. You can also recover passwords from the Keychain Access.


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