All the applications on Android send notifications which sometimes become so annoying as it may result in missing the important notifications. So most of the people disable all the Android app notifications. In case you only need specific notifications and want to wake the screen on specific notifications.

There are different applications that makes it possible not to miss any important notification. Pixel Pulse is one of the reliable applications that help you to light up the screen after specific intervals of time when an important notification comes.

Pixel Pulse is a very useful app when you don’t have a notification LED light on your Android device. It is specially made for Pixel 3 Phones as there is no notification LED on it.

Using Pixel Pulse to Wake Screen for Important Notifications

All you need is to download Pixel Pulse application from the Play Store. The app shows pulse notifications every minute which may drain your phone’s battery when you need it. So, it is recommended to change the settings of the app according to the need using Pulse Interval option.

Pixel Pulse for Waking Android Screen on Notifications

It also provides support for hiding the notification details as if you don’t want to show up the message when the phone is locked.

Select Applications to Notify in Pixel Pulse

The premium version of the application also allows to choose the color and customize numerous other details.


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