How to Zip/Unzip Files on Windows 10

Compressing a File in Windows 10If you want to send a big file via email or any other medium, it might take a lot of time to upload the file. The best way to send a big file is to compress it first and then send it. Compressing a file reduces the size of the file or folder. Windows 10 let the users compress the file with the built-in compressed feature.

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In this guide, we will show you how to Zip and Unzip files on Windows 10.

Compressing a File in Windows 10

Here’s how to compress a file in Windows 10:

  1. Open the folder or file that you want to compress. We are using a group of images but you can compress any type of file or a the file or folder that you want to zip in windows 10
  2. You can compress a complete folder or compress a single file. Right-Click on the file/folder, a pop-up menu will appear.right click on the folder and select Send to optiob
  3. Hover the mouse cursor to the “Send to” option from the menu and click on the “Compressed (zipped) folder”.rename the zipped folder
  4. A new zip folder will be created with a normal folder icon and a zipper on it. Type the ZIP folder name and press the Enter key.

To UNZIP the Zipped file, double-click on it. All the content within the ZIP file will open much like a regular folder. Now you can copy/paste items from/to this folder.

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