IOS 13 Beta 7 (Fixes & New Features) List

Apple brought out its seventh Developer Beta on 15th August 2019, one week after the release of its sixth developer beta and after almost two months of revealing the new operating system. Only the Apple users who are part of Apple Developer Beta program can download the Beta version on their devices. To be a part of this program you can sign up at 13 Developer Beta 7

Users are really happy with the new update as it has got no bugs according to the users and is smooth compared to the previous beta releases.

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Improvements in iOS 13 Developer Beta 7

Here are the list of improvements made in iOS 13 Developer Beta 7

  1. Apple card can now be organized in the new beta release.
  2. The overall speed of the device is much faster than the previous release
  3. Graphic Improvements, tiles are now much wider.
  4. You can now activate or deactivate dark mode from the control centerDark Mode from Control Center
  5. Test Support for “log in with Apple” is Available
  6. The timer can be adjusted through the control center via 3D touch
  7. 3D touch speed is improved when pressing an icon
  8. New icons in the 3D Touch options on the Weather apps, Notes and Telephone
  9. 3D Touch option also appears sometimes above the opened widget
  10. List of options on 3D Touch menus are inverted, now the “Reorganize apps” item is always at the top of the list.
  11. The default view on “All Photos” Is set to 3 photos row in GalleryGallery
  12. Home App got new On and Off switch graphics
  13. Detection of anomalies in the beat is now shown in the home in Health App
  14. New iOS 13 Beta 7 Introduced haptic feedback when “pop” is used with the 3D touch on the Messages app.
  15. On iTunes, the “Apple Digital Master” badge was added to the display when the songs were mastered specifically for iTunes.
  16. Modified the screen that appears on the Watch app, in the App Store menu, which invites you to consult it directly on the Watch with watchOS6.
  17. In the Phone settings the description of the “Number of unknowns” has been extendedSilence Unkown Callers
  18. In the “Blocked sender options” menu on Settings -> Mail you can now choose between two options: “Mark as blocked, Leave entry” and “Move to trash”.Mail App got improvements
  19. Localization settings have been added to many app settings.
  20. In the privacy menu -> Localization: now the item “Privacy Notice” has been changed to “Location Alerts”
  21. Found My App Notify When Found is now working in the Find My app in this beta. There’s also a new “Help a Friend” option in me tab that opens up so a friend can locate a lost device. Find my App


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