iOS 13 Developer Beta 3, New Features

iOS 13 Beta 3

Apple released iOS 13 Beta 3 on July 2nd, 2019 for the iOS users. As estimated the update has got so many changes, amendments, and new features. We are really sorry to announce that iOS 13 Beta 3 is not yet available to download for iPhone 7 & 7Plus users.

iOS 13 Beta 3 not available for iPhone 7 or 7Plus

In this article we’ll list the changes, new features and bugs pointed out by the users.

Everything new in iOS 13 Beta 3

Apple is still making a lot of changes in iOS 13 Beta, there are a few mention worthy changes that Apple put out in this latest beta release for the users. Here’s the list of some of the changes and new features:

  1. Major changes are made to the Notes. We’ve got new context menu icons for notes and a new welcome screen that highlights the major features coming to the app such as gallery view, new checklist options, and shared folders.

iOS 13 Beta 3 Notes

  1. Videos in gallery auto-play now and the pictures are sorted by events.
  2. FaceTime Attention Correction adjusts your view for better eye contact.
  3. Not only is there a new ‘me’ tab in iOS 13 Beta 3 but the ‘me’ icon next to the arrow in the upper right has been replaced with an info button to change the map type and distance units.

iOS 13 Beta 3 Maps

  1. iOS 13 Beta 3 fixed battery drainage for some of the users especially the iPhone ones.
  2. Safari for iPadOS gets more macOS Safari features in iOS 13 Beta 3
  3. If you long press a tab in iPadOS you get a new contextual menu with the following options:


“Close Other Tabs”

“Arrange Tabs by Title”

“Arrange Tabs by Website”

Long press in safari

iOS 13 Beta 3 Bugs

Since we have got many new features but among all these cool features we have some serious fix which needs to be fixed. Some of the bugs are mentioned below:

  1. iPadOS 13 beta 3 shows which app in Split View is actively receiving text input.
  2. Users have reported that YouTube App freezes and crashes too much in the new iOS 13 Beta 3 version.
  3. Safari in iOS 13 developer beta 3 is not featuring the incognito mode anymore.

no incognito mode

So far users are happy with the iOS 13 Beta 3 version, hope this article has helped you know better about the latest update. For further reviews and fixes stay tuned!

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