Macintosh Directing Free However Restricted Logic Board swaps for 2018 MacBook Air

Apple detected some issues with the Logic Board of 2018 MacBook Airs 13-inch Retina display. We’ve been told that the number of defected MacBook Airs is very less, therefore, Apple announced that only a limited amount of owner will get to repair their device.

MacBook Air

Apple authorized repair staff to replace the main logic board of the defected MacBook Airs at no cost to the customers. Owners of the MacBook Airs with specific serial number have been sent an e-mail to get their devices repaired for free. Other users can take their devices to the Apple Store to get it checked.

Users have been complaining about how the MacBook Air and Pro are not as good as they have been told they would be. One user said that “the RAM & SSD have been found to be fully proprietary and soldered in place, preventing upgrades.” Apple is trying to make its laptops as thinner as possible which leaves no space for the components to breathe. This is causing keyboard issues as well as laptop heating problems.

Within these past two months, Apple has announced repair for a “limited number” of MacBook Pro with overheating batteries and 2016 13-inch MacBook Pros with the “stage light” problem.

Now, this week Apple has called for the motherboard repair according to 9to5mac article. It’s even offering to replace the butterfly keyboards in 2018 MacBook, which are infamous for responsiveness issues.

All these issues are bringing a bad name to the firm and they need to take strict measures to maintain the standard of their devices. Users have been paying a good amount of money to get the best of Apple instead they’re getting all these issues. We hope Apple fix all the issues before bringing out their next device.

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