Microsoft is bringing out Password-less Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18936

windows 10 passwordless

Microsoft is advancing its Windows 10 Software to help users get rid of frustrating “I’ve forgotten my password” moments. It could be really frustrating and sometimes very difficult to remember passwords when you have so much going on in your mind. Nowadays it has become so easy to hack or steal passwords that you cannot trust the password procedure anymore. Microsoft is always concerned about its users, regarding their data security and ease. With each software update, we get some new really cool features in Windows 10.

For security purpose, Microsoft is going to bring out an update which will remove the password fatigue from the PCs. Now you will be able to use the fingerprint sensor, Windows Hello face authentication or PIN Code to log into your PCs. The password option will be removed from the login screen.

Windows 10 update

For instance, this updated feature is only available to the small number of users, therefore, it may take a week or more to have this option on your PC. Read more about the Windows upcoming update here Microsoft is Rolling Out Another Update (19H2) Soon

How to go password less with Microsoft Accounts on Windows 10

Before we proceed, we would like to mention that few of these features are not yet available for all the Windows 10 users. Only a few Insiders can preview and use the new features released in this update. Here is a step by step guide on how to make your PC go password-less.

  1. Head over to Settings in your PC Windows
  2. Click on Accounts in Settings Window
  3. Choose Sign-in Options from Accounts given on the left panel of the window

Sign in options in windows 10

  1. Select ON under the heading Make your device Password-less

Enabling password-less sign in will switch all Microsoft accounts on your Windows 10 device to modern authentication with Windows Hello Face, Fingerprint, or PIN.

Create Quick Event in Calendar from Taskbar

Going password-less is not the only cool feature this new update has got for us, you can now create events in the calendar from the taskbar. Elsewhere, the update received a new Your Phone feature, expanding on an update for service earlier this month. Now, the company says “Your Phones availability” of the phone screen feature has been expanded to the Surface Laptop, Laptop 2, Surface Pro 4, 5, and 6, and the Surface Book and Surface Book 2.


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