OnePlus 7 Pro Bugs and Fixes

As we all know that OnePlus has recently launched one of the best and the fastest phone of all time. OnePlus 7 Pro is no doubt an incredible phone with various new features yet there are some bugs that need to be fixed. It’s not been a month since the phone is launched and users have already started complaining about some issues.

OnePlus 7 Pro Bugs and Fixes

Don’t worry, we are here to help you fix these minor issues. Also, these little issues cannot make the phone look bad. It is still one of the mind-blowing launches of this year.

OnePlus 7 Pro Battery Issue

It is not something new to hear complaints about the phone’s battery. OnePlus has put the largest and powerful battery in OnePlus 7 Pro still we’re hearing complaints about it. Here’s how you can save your phone’s battery

Go to the Settings > Battery > and check what’s consuming most of the battery energy if it’s the application that you are using at the moment they don’t close it. If it’s some other App that’s consuming the most power, FORCE CLOSE that application.

OnePlus 7 Pro Battery

You can also use Google’s Android Pie battery optimizations which will help you to keep your phone’s battery healthy. Close the Apps that you’re not using at the moment and also keep your phone’s brightness on auto. This will help you save battery.

OnePlus 7 Pro Finger-print Sensor Issue

The inbuilt fingerprint sensor within the phone’s screen is one of the pros of this phone. Users are complaining a lot about fingerprint is taking too long to detect. Also when the phone is in the pocket or in the purse, the phone tries to detect the fingerprint which drains the battery.

To fix this issue, first, you need to delete the prevailing fingerprint, clean your hands, clean your phone’s screen and then try putting up a new fingerprint. This issue may be caused because you have got your phone a new protector or your phone’s screen or hands might be dirty. Make sure every time you try to unlock your phone using the fingerprint sensor, you have clean fingers and phone’s screen.

OnePlus 7 Pro Fingerprint Sensor

To stop your phone having false reading while your phone is in a purse or in your pocket, turn on the Pocket Mode. To enable this go to Settings > Search > Type “Pocket Mode” and enable it.

Verizon OnePlus 7 Pro Call Dropping Issue

We’ve heard the complaint that incoming calls from iPhones are dropped as soon as they are answered. The other complaint is that the unknown callers are mentioned as “Restricted” during an incoming call.

OnePlus 7 Pro Call Issue

Don’t worry, this issue can easily be fixed. You need to register your OnePlus 7 Pro to Verizon. In order to do this, follow the following steps;

Open the Verizon site > Login > My Verizon > My Device > Activate or Switch Device > Activate on an Existing Line and follow the given instructions.

Registering your new phone would solve the above-mentioned calling issues that OnePlus 7 Pro users are facing.

Hope this article has helped you solve the OnePlus 7 Pro issues.


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