What are some of the Social Media Abbreviations?

some of the social media abbreviations

On social media like Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook, users have started to use abbreviations of collective words rather than typing the words completely. Some of which are IDGI, ISTG, NGL, RN, etc.

In this guide, we will explain to you what these abbreviations mean and how they are used in a sentence.

Using Social Media Abbreviations

Social media abbreviations are somehow confusing to the users to whom these abbreviations are unknown, here we are going to explain what these shortcut words stand for:

  1. IDGI

IDGI stands for “I Don’t Get It”. It is used when a user is unable to process an idea or a joke. It is like asking the other person to explain the idea or the joke. This depicts confusion.idgi

  1. ISTG

ISTG is short for “I Swear To God”. This could be used to put an emphasis on something like “ISTG it had happened to me as well” or when you agree so hard with something you go like “I swear to God”.istg abbreviation

  1. NGL

NGL means “Not Gonna Lie”. This abbreviation is used at the beginning of the end of the sentence when you are going to say something offensive or controversial. For example “NGL, Friends is an over-rated show”.NGL abbreviation

  1. RN

RN stands for “Right Now”. Rn is mostly used when you are telling about the current happenings like “I want a doughnut RN” or “I’m busy RN”.rn abbreviation

These are only a few of the internet abbreviations currently used on social media especially on Twitter and Reddit. You will find a lot of users using these and we hope that this guide has helped you understand the abbreviations.

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