What are the WhatsApp 2.19.120 new Features

Whatsapp update 2.19.120

WhatsApp rolled out another update for iOS users. This update just like many other updates that WhatsApp keeps on rolling out has some improvements to make the call or messages service better for the users.

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WhatsApp decided to add “FACEBOOK” to WhatsApp to claim it the authority of Facebook. When you open your WhatsApp account, you find the WhatsApp logo on the first page and “From FACEBOOK” given at the bottom of the screen.

Let’s find out what more WhatsApp new update 2.19.120 have to offer to the users.

What’s New in WhatsApp 2.19.120?WhatsApp Update

Control who can add you to Groups

WhatsApp new update allows the user to choose who can add them to the WhatsApp groups. You get three options including “Everyone, My Contacts, My Contacts except…” These options let you decide who can add you to the groups. Choose “Everyone” if you want anyone, even the unknown numbers to add you to groups. Select “My Contacts” if you just want the people in your contact list to add you to groups or choose “My Contacts except” and eliminate anyone from the contact list whom you don’t want to add you to any WhatsApp groups.

To change the settings from Groups, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open WhatsApp, and go to Settings
  2. Tap on Account in SettingsAccount
  3. Now Tap on PrivacyTap on Privacy
  4. In Privacy settings, you will find a “Group” option, tap on it. Here you can see all the three above mentioned options.Groups option in Privacy
  5. Select the option of your choice and the new Group setting will be applied.Group options

My Contacts

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Call Waiting Support

Previously, when you called a person who’s already on another call didn’t notify the user that another user is calling, instead showed a missed call from the person. Now with the WhatsApp new update 2.19.120, users can attend another call while already being on a call. Call Waiting Support lets the user find out and accept a call from some other user when they’re already on a call. This new option is very beneficial from the users because they might be expecting an important call or there might be an emergency to the other user.

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Updated Chat Screen Design

WhatsApp has updated the chat screen design to make it easier for iOS users to scan their messages. Moreover, now users can send messages directly from the Braille Keyboard when using “Voice Over” Mode.

IOS users what are you waiting for then? Update WhatsApp to the new Updated and improved App 2.19.120

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