What is a Touch Keyboard Button & How to Enable it in Windows 10

Touch Keyboard Button

Touch keyboard is basically an on-screen keyboard designed by Microsoft especially for tablet users. The keyboard is now available in Windows 10 tablet mode. It could be of real use when your personal computer’s keypad stops working. Being built especially for the tablet users it could really be beneficial as there are no function keys in the default tablet keyboard but you can have them when you have Touch Keypad enabled.

Enable Touch Keyboard/Keypad button in Windows 10

To turn the full keyboard layout follow the steps given below:

  1. Open Start menu and type “Settings” in the Search bar and click on the result. Or click on the Settings icon given on the left bottom of the start menu.
    Windows 10 Start Menu Search
  2. From settings menu choose Devices
    Windows 10 Settings
  3. Now choose typing option given on the left panel of the window.
    Windows 10 Typing Settings
  4. Toggle on “Add the Standard keyboard layout as a touch keyboard option”
    Windows 10 Touch Keyboard Settings
  5. You will see a keyboard icon on the taskbar. Click on it to have an on-screen keyboard.
    Keyboard icon in taskbar

In case you cannot find the keyboard icon on the right of the taskbar, do as mentioned below:

  • Right, click on the taskbar or if you’re a tablet user press taskbar for long enough until you see a list.
  • Choose “Show touch Keyboard button”
    Show Touch Keyboard Button from Start Menu Context Items

How to use Touch Keyboard

After you’ve enabled the on-screen keyboard, you can drag it around the screen and resize it according to your will. Below are mentioned the main 4 features of this keyboard that lack in default keyboard:

  1. Languages option

Just like in phone keypad, you can add multiple languages to use in the keyboard. To add languages to the keyboard, tap the button in the right corner of the keyboard and select Language Preferences. Or, add them from the Settings area in Settings > Time & language > Region & language.

  1. Special Keys

You can add special keys like Alt, Ctrl, tab, function keys to the keyboard by changing the layout. Switch to Standard Keyboard layout to have these special keys.

Special Keys in On-Screen Touch Keyboard

  1. Autocorrect and Suggestions

This keypad will let you autocorrect words. Just tap on the suggestion given on the top row of the keyboard to change the word with the suggested one.

  1. Emoticons

Both, split keyboard and the basic one contains a wide range of emoticons for the use in chats/comments. Emojis with different skin tones are available. Click on the smiley emoji icon and choose one where needed.

Emoticons in Touch Keyboard

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