What Is QR Code And How Does It Work For WhatsApp Web

QR Code

QR stands from Quick Response. You must have heard about the QR Code or Quick Response Code as it has become really popular in technology and other areas of daily life like shopping. It is an image based hypertext link which is scanned in order to reveal the data underneath it. You can save information related to any product just by scanning its OR Code into your phone.

QR Code

QR Code can save more data in it than a bar code and can easily be revealed using a phone. Nowadays this medium to save data has become so widespread in businesses and what not. You will find a QR Code printed in many places like in an advertisement of a certain product, on a web page or even on your friend’s T-Shirt.

Just like any other medium using the QR code, WhatsApp uses QR Codes to validate its users and provide access to WhatsApp content on your Personal Computer.

How does the Phone read the QR CODE?

One needs to have a QR Code reader in his phone in order to read it. It takes a little time for iPhone or Android users to install an App to read the QR Code.

It is really beneficial to society as in marketing, advertisement and customer service. You can have all the information about a particular product by just scanning a code which saves a lot of time for the buyer and seller as well. It also saves a lot of fatigue for searching for information regarding a product before buying it.

How is the QR Code used in opening WhatsApp Web?

Most of the people in the world use WhatsApp in order to communicate with one another through the Internet. It is really popular among iPhone or Android users but we can also access it on our PC through WhatsApp Web.

You don’t need to add your ID or Password or anything like that in order to approach WhatsApp on Web. WhatsApp has made it really easy for the users to use WhatsApp on Web just like they can use it on their mobile phones just by scanning the QR Code generated by the WHATSAPP WEB from your mobile phone that already has a prevailing WhatsApp Account.

Whatsapp Web

Open WhatsApp WEB

In order to open your already existing WhatsApp account on your PC using WEB browser, follow the steps given below

  1. Go to your browser and type http://web.whatsapp.com
    Use WHATSAPP WEB on Computer
  2. The link will take you to the WHATSAPP WEB, where you’ll find a QR Code give on the right side of the screen.
  3. Now open your WhatsApp App on the phone and go to the Settings
  4. From the Settings menu, you’ll find a WhatsApp Web/Desktop option, tap on it. This will ask you to go to the WHATSAPP WEB and Scan the QR Code that has been generated by your Desktop web.
    Whatsapp Web on iOS
  5. Scan the QR Code by your mobile phone, your computer will recognize your account and would let you access it on desktop. Now you can easily chat, send a picture and do everything that you used to do on your phone with your WhatsApp App on desktop.

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